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Neil and Michael Mandt are six time Emmy Award winners and partners in the Los Angeles based production company Mandt Bros. Productions. The company was formed in 2001 and has a wealth of experience delivering award-winning content to television, film, internet and mobile audiences. In addition to creating content, the brothers own and operate two successful, turn-key production facilities.

Some of the company’s notable credits include the development and creation of the hit ESPN series, Jim Rome is Burning, ABC’s Frozen Christmas Parade, the Syfy Channel series Destination Truth, The Shed for Food Network, The Car Show with Adam Carolla for Speed, Strangers in Danger for Fuel, My Crazy Life for E!, Sports Jobs with Junior Seau for Versus and Next Stop for Charlie for Showtime.

In 2014 the Mandt brothers were producers of the Walt Disney Pictures feature film Million Dollar Arm. The feature film was developed by Neil and Michael Mandt and starred Jon Hamm and Alan Arkin. In December the brothers teamed up with Disney again to produce the Disney Parks Frozen Christmas Celebration for ABC Television. The telecast featured Trisha Yearwood, Train and Arianna Grande and was the highest rated Christmas Special since 2008.

Apart from their work at Mandt Bros. Productions, Neil and Michael are both veteran producers of NBC’s coverage of the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. Additionally, Michael has produced the Olympic telecast in Salt Lake and Atlanta. Some of Michael’s other live sport credits include: NBA Finals, NFL Pro Bowl, X-Games, US Open Tennis, MLB All Star Game and MLB World Series to name a few.

On the short film side, Mandt Bros. Productions has produced and directed a number of award winning short films, which starred the likes of Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, Mathew Perry, Justin Timberlake, John Hamm, Seth Myers, Jamie Foxx, and Will Ferrell to name a few.

Mandt Bros. started 2015 off with a bang by partnering up with Oprah Winfrey to produce The Black Women in Hollywood Awards Show for the OWN Network. The event had been an important stop on the pre-Oscar week tour for stars, and now the Mandt Bros. have turned the power event, hosted by Essence Magazine, into a stellar television special. John Legend and Common performed their Oscar winning hit Glory.

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Mandt Studio

Mandt Bros. Post Production Rentals

We offer studio rentals perfect for your post production needs. Office Space, Edit bays, and a Green Screen Stage all conveniently located in the heart of Hollywood.


Mandt Bros. offers state of the art non-linear editing, with 15 HD AVID editing bays and a 40 terabyte UNITY system. The UNITY offers cloud-like media storage, allowing producers and editors to access all media, at any time, from any edit bay. On site technical support is included.

Office Space

Mandt Bros. post facility has plenty of office space avalible for the entire post production team. With over 25 offices and additional bull pen space, executives as well as assistants can work in a quiet area separate from the edit bays.

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Virtual reality is more than a computer simulation, it transports the user into a three-dimensional world that can be interacted with in a seemingly real and physical way. Unlike traditional screens, users put on a head-mounted display which allows them to completely immerse themselves into the sights and sounds of a designed environment.

MANDT VR has perfected the use of this new technology in creating unprecedented tools for sales and marketing. MANDT VR has a storied background in TV and Film production, so we are able to deliver content that not only fully leverages the power of VR, but also is grounded in telling the brand in a way never seen before.

MANDT VR works with the client to grasp the best tactics to fully leverage the power of virtual reality to enhance the brand’s demand by its consumers. Once the storyboard is approved, MANDT VR films your video on location to capture your personal compelling story. Through use of visual and practical FX, we have the ability to include promotions directly to your prospective buyer. This is a game changing experience, please reach out to us for a demo.



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